21st Medical Robotics Conference

05 dec 2023

Together with partners: Prof. Zbigniew Religa Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation, International Association for Medical Robotics, Med Silesia Cluster, GAPR, Start Up City Zabrze and DIH Healthcare Robotics HERO, we would like to invite you to participate in a prestigious event that will be a real boost for innovation in the field of medicine and commercialisation of research and development results

On 8 December (Friday), the 21st Healthcare Robotics Conference will be held

Summary of DiH Healthcare Robotics HERO and the Medical Robotics Forum 2023. On this day, the latest achievements of Polish medical robotics will be presented, including the Robin Heart robot in a version equipped with artificial intelligence - Robin Heart AI. 

During the Forum, there will be an opportunity to discuss with distinguished guests the future, hopes and concerns about the development of robotic applications in clinics, practices and homes - from specialised robots in surgery to rehabilitation and social robots. 

The meeting is scheduled to take place in the FRK conference room (approximately 100 seats) and demonstrations in the FRK laboratories. We will also summarise the DiH Healthcare Robotics HERO project, in which FRK represented this part of Europe.

On 9 December (Saturday) there will be, among other things, a "Medical Innovation Runway".

We would like to invite researchers and staff from our University, to participate in a prestigious event that will give a real boost to medical innovation. "The Medical Innovation Startup Belt" is a unique event created to support you in taking your research achievements to the market. You have the chance to present your innovative ideas, collaborate with the private sector and gain the financial and expert support necessary to commercialise your research. 


  • Meet the investor staff: the expert panel consists of experienced investors, entrepreneurial support agents and specialists in bioengineering, artificial intelligence and medical robotics. You will receive invaluable tips on how to turn your idea into a real market hit,
  • innovation presentation: you have 10 minutes to convince the world that your invention is the future of medicine. Showcase your innovative solutions in front of industry leaders,
  • networking and collaboration: you will connect with other innovators, potential investors and industry leaders,
  • inventors and Innovators: employees and researchers with breakthrough ideas in bioengineering and medical robotics looking to commercialise their research,
  • How to apply: email the organiser at: nawrat@frk.pl. The deadline for applications is 7 December 2023,
  • where and when: 9 December 2023, Saturday. Location: Zabrze, 345a Wolności Street - hybrid, possibility to participate also via the Zoom platform.

Additionally still on the agenda: 

  • summary of the spring teleconference of XXI BioMedTech Silesia - the awarded participants of the youth, student and doctoral sessions will present themselves live, 
  • School of Inventors 2023. - lectures and demonstrations for TEACHERS - how to develop talents without missing out on any. A meeting format that will showcase best practice to support the education of outstanding creative figures...,
  • ISMR ACADEMY - Academy of the Art of Building Medical Robots, i.e. meetings with humanists, economists and entrepreneurs.

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