XIII Polish Chromatography Conference

10 jul 2023

The event continued the tradition of the Polish Chromatographic Conferences, aimed at presenting the latest national developments in the field of separation methods. The conference, under the auspices of the Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was organised by the Institute of Chemistry, University of Silesia in Katowice, the Institute of Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze and the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze, Silesian Medical University in Katowice. The proceedings took place in the building of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Silesia University of Silesia in Katowice. Approximately 100 participants attended the Conference, 8 plenary lectures and 19 other oral and 36 poster presentations were presented. The Conference was held under the media patronage of the publishing house "Malamut" with the journal "Analytica and Laboratory" - National Review. Many specialist companies participated in the 13th Polish Chromatography Conference, among them platinum sponsor Metrohm Polska. The 5* Hotel Monopol in Katowice and the Sokpol company actively supported the Conference.

In addition to speeches by scientists at the 13th Polish Chromatographic Conference representing national centres, lectures by well-known chromatographers invited from various European countries, including Germany, Turkey and Italy, could be heard. The conference started with an address by the conference organisers: Prof. Dr. Michał Daszykowski, Vice-chancellor of the University of Silesia in Katowice, Prof. Rajmund Michalski, Ph.D. (IPiS Polish Academy of Sciences), Prof. Krystyna Krystynka, Ph. o zdr. Krystyna Tyrpień-Golder (Medical University of Silesia) and Prof. dr hab. dr h.c. Bogusław Buszewski, M.Sc. PAS, who gave an inaugural lecture summarising 120 years of chromatography and physicochemical separation methods in Poland. The official part ended with a debate on "Quo Vadis Chromatografia?" concerning current problems and challenges, as well as prospects in this important field of analytics.

The following days of the conference saw presentations in the section on 'Chromatography in the analysis of food, raw materials and food products', chaired by Prof. Piotr Wieczorek and Dr Beata Janoszka, papers on the practical application of chromatographic techniques in the analysis of food, toys and environmental samples, and in extracts from the grilling of marshmallows. This was followed by a section on 'chromatography in environmental analysis', chaired by Prof Renata Gadzała-Kopciuch and Prof Joanna Kałużna - Czaplińska, which was dominated by the application of chromatography in the analysis of water, sewage, air and milk of women exposed to harmful environmental factors. The dominant topics in the poster communication session were the application of chromatographic techniques (mainly LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS) in biomedical and environmental analysis and in speciation analysis.   In the session " Chromatography in Biomedical Research", chaired by Professors Elżbieta Skrzydlewska and Michał Markuszewski, the speakers mainly emphasised the role of high-performance liquid chromatography applied to the separation of selected plant products and the advantages and disadvantages of HPLC liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis CZE.   The last session of the last day of the Conference, chaired by Prof. Irena Baranowska and Prof. Bogusław Buszewski, featured lectures by award-winning scientists, including Prof. Zbigniew Brzózka on the application of miniaturised bioanalytical platforms and on ion chromatography yesterday, today and tomorrow - a lecture presented by Prof. Rajmund Michalski.

The conference was concluded by Prof. Bogusław Buszewski, and the organisers thanked the conference participants, sponsors and those who contributed to fruitful deliberations and a great atmosphere (among others, the staff of the Department and Chair of Chemistry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Zabrze, SUM Katowice). 

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