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21 sep 2023

The book "Women's Health in the Interdisciplinary Dimension. Part I. Determinants of Environmentally Dependent Diseases," scientifically edited by Dr. Karolina Krupa-Kotara and Dr. Agata Wypych-Ślusarska, is a unique study that addresses the growing challenges of women's health. The second half of the 20th century has seen a significant increase in the prevalence of environmental diseases in the female population, and this book seeks to explore this issue by analyzing it from an interdisciplinary point of view.

One of the key aspects discussed in the book is the complex relationship between women's health and the influence of environmental factors, including lifestyle. The authors emphasize that although the exact mechanisms of the development of many diseases remain unknown due to their multifactorial etiology, there is an important role for genetics and gene expression in the context of women's health.

The book guides the reader through an analysis of the impact of gender as an important variable that differentiates the health status of populations. It points out two key aspects of this relationship: the first due to biological causes (sex), and the second related to socio-cultural aspects of gender (gender). Despite a significant increase in the life expectancy of women in Poland in recent decades, differences in health status between men and women are still observed due to different behavioral patterns, lifestyles and approaches to health and disease.

"Women's Health in Interdisciplinary Dimensions. Part I. Determinants of Environmental Diseases" is a monograph that presents current knowledge on women's health from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is based on the positions of scientific societies, Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and the standards of Evidence Based Nutrition
(EBN) in the field of nutrition. The book is a valuable tool for students, academics, physicians, dieticians and medical staff working in hospitals, as well as all women interested in their health.

In addition, it is a valuable addition to the women's health literature and makes an important contribution to gender health research by providing new insights into the topic of environmental diseases and their impact on women's health.

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