SUM in another EU project to fight cardiovascular disease and diabetes

07 jul 2023

The European Commission has accepted the application created within the consortium established to implement Joint Actions in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The Medical University of Silesia in Katowice is a member of the Consortium as an Associated Partner (appointed in this place by a decision of the Minister of Health), and the main coordinator of the activities on the Polish side is the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań.

- Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the leading causes of death worldwide. The costs of treating non-communicable diseases are high and are expected to increase further, also taking into account the ageing population of the European Union. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic posed new health challenges and showed that NCDs can dramatically increase the negative impact of other diseases. While behavioural risk factors are crucial for the prevention of these diseases, other complementary, specific and targeted public health measures may be necessary to reduce the associated burden, says Prof Oskar Kowalski, a cardiologist and SUM's Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Education and University Promotion. He is the programme coordinator on behalf of SUM.

Such additional initiatives that support the fight against these diseases could be cooperation in the coordination of activities at the primary care level or the development of screening tests.

The aim of collaborative efforts to combat cardiovascular disease and diabetes is to reduce the burden of these diseases and associated risk factors, both at an individual and societal level.

The pilot tests carried out and the interventions implemented will result in an action plan with the potential to expand and scale up the experience at national/regional level. The effects of the Project will be reinforced by advanced international collaboration, development of a clear evidence-based strategy, promotion of integration and sustainability of approaches to achieve maximisation and perpetuation of effects, including implementation of effective interactions and collaboration between science and policy.

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