Success for Prof. Ewa Obuchowicz

28 jun 2023

Professor Ewa Obuchowicz, MD, Head of the Department of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Katowice, has been elected a member of the Scientific Council of the Jerzy May Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow for the term 2023 - 2026. The IF PAN is a leading scientific centre in Poland, specialising in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.

For many years, Ms Professor has been conducting experimental research in the field of psychopharmacology and psychoneuroimmunology (biochemical and behavioural work on the effects and mechanism of action of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs), work in the field of neurobiology of the central nervous system and research whose main objective is to develop new adjuvant therapy for glioma. In her research she has collaborated with the departments of the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow.

Author or co-author of 187 publications, including 78 full-text papers. Due to her scientific achievements, she has received twice the Award of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare (individual 1st degree and team award) and 13 times the Award of the JM Rector of SUM (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree awards). Promoter of 5 doctorates.

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