Public meals. What needs to be changed and why ?

18 sep 2023

The Medical University of Silesia is participating in the StratKIT+ project, a continuation of the StratKIT programme, the idea of which is to develop a toolkit to more effectively introduce sustainable meals in public institutions. This time there has been an extension of the network to other countries in the Baltic Sea Region - Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. The activities will be organised as one Work Package, which will include the following elements:

  • overall management and communication;
  • search for innovative green solutions to propose new ideas for tools,
  • promotion and strengthening of the Sustainable Public Meals network;
  • possibility to pilot existing and new tools;
  • adding new tools to the Sustainable Public Meals toolkit and translating them into national languages;
  • dissemination through social media;
  • activities and clustering with other related projects.

 Rybnik participated in the StratKit programme. - We regarded participation in the project as one of the most important missions of the local government, said Piotr Masłowski, the city's vice-president, during a meeting at the SUM Rectorate. - It is not only about catering in nurseries, schools, in a word, educational institutions, but also, of course, in hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages.

In these times (e.g. postcovid, war in Ukraine), the need for a meal management action plan in times of crisis is gaining in importance. - We hope that more and more local authorities will join the project. We have great examples from, among others, Warsaw and the participation of Zabrze, which very actively promotes these activities,' said the project manager at SUM, Dr Katarzyna Brukało, from the Department of Public Health in Bytom.

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