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06 mar 2023

Get to know the stories of people who became associated with the Silesian Medical University many years ago - first studying, today working. These are memories of exceptional people - full of passion and willingness to share their knowledge with more SUM students today. 

Jacek Wawrzynek, MD - head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze. Privately - resident of Katowice, husband of an anesthesiologist, passionate about aviation and crazy games with his daughter Julianna 

"The "adventure" with the Silesian Medical University has been going on since 2007, when I started studying "Medical Emergency Medicine" at the Zabrze faculty. This was somewhat of a landmark date for the University as well - in 2007-2010, for the first time in its history , classes were conducted entirely in Zabrze and the course itself from "Public Health with a specialization in Emergency Medicine" changed into "Medical Emergency Medicine".

Without a doubt, the time of study was a moment of many novelties for me, expanding my knowledge and horizons. As I was already a full-time employee of the ambulance service, studying at SUM enabled me to earn a second diploma as a paramedic. I also gained many memories that accompany me to this day. I remember both places, events and people. Rokitnica and its underground, where you could smoke cigarettes back then, is particularly stuck in my mind! What I remember from SK1 in Zabrze is the intensive care room - a small one at the end of the corridor. At that time there was still no new part with an operating theater and a large intensive care unit, and the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases was located in one small building.... 

From events - of course, joint initiatives that I carried out with the Student Government, of which I was a member. From events, I remember the diplomatatorium, where I had the honor of giving a speech at the House of Music and Dance on behalf of the graduates of all majors. Also unforgettable was a two-week fitness camp in the Beskidy Mountains.

Of the instructors - Professor Konstantin Slusarczyk from anatomy, who spoke incredibly interestingly about the structure of the human body. Of the lectures, the one related to transplantation by Dr. Wojciech Saucha particularly stuck in my memory - although it was a lecture discussing the possibilities of transplantation and the organization of this system, the way he talked about this field made me remember it to this day. Also memorable for me was the oral exam in my first year with Prof. Hanna Misiolek - the questions were literally on point, I received a perfect score! And so, after a few years, my contact with the Professor resulted in professional cooperation.

After completing my master's degree, I came under the wings of Prof. Misiołek, who invited me to work as a didactician at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in Zabrze. I will never forget the stress I felt at the time of the meeting regarding my employment with the Rector, Prof. Przemysław Jałowiecki, who also served as head of the Department of Anesthesiology. And so I became involved with the Silesian Medical University again. My work as a didactician was very developmental for me, and I could always count on the support of Prof. Misiołek. Mrs. Professor introduced me to the wonderful world of academic didactics and the Silesian Medical University. She was also the supervisor of my doctoral thesis. While working at the Department, I became heavily involved in the development of the "Emergency Medicine" major, thanks to which another wonderful professional "friendship" was established in my life. This time with Ms. Dean, Prof. Alicja Grzanka, who cared about the development of emergency medicine. We traveled together many times to Warsaw, where we discussed educational standards at the Ministry of Education and Science. It is difficult to give the number of all our meetings and the many hours of phone calls we made to each other. 

I also very quickly became the chairman of the Program Council of the "Emergency Medicine" faculty, which was a bit of a discomfort for me, having professors and post-doctoral fellows on the team, and being "only" a master's student. The confidence with which I was endowed and the opportunities for action meant that for several years now, Emergency Medicine has been developing wonderfully. Thanks to Mrs. Dean, a new unit was created - the Department of Emergency Medicine, of which I became the head. This is one of the leading units teaching future paramedics. And it's not over yet...!"

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