Uprzejmie informujemy, że zgodnie z nadesłaną informacją przez Pana Benajmina Abelowa, autora książki The Painless Guide to Mastering Clinical Acid-Base, w dniach od 26 lutego do 2 marca 2018 r., możliwe będzie darmowe pobranie w/w książki w formacie e-booka ze strony internetowej Amazon.

Szczegółowe informacje skierowane przez autora książki do studentów na temat możliwości pobrania e-booka, znajdują się poniżej:


Book on Acid-Base and Blood Gas Interpretation Available for Free During February 26 - March 2.

During the five-day period of February 26 - March 2, you can get a free e-book copy of The Painless Guide to Mastering Clinical Acid-Base by Benjamin Abelow, M.D. You can examine the book’s contents and read reviews at the Amazon website. You can read the e-book on all phones, tablets, and laptops, including Apple, Android, and Windows devices. To get the e-book for free: (1) Wait till February 26 - March 2, (2) Go to the Amazon website and search the book’s title. (3) Be sure you’re on the page for the e-book (Kindle) edition, not the paperback. (4) In the purchase box on the top right of the web page, click the button that says, “Buy now with 1-Click.” (Do not click the button that says “Read for Free,” as that button leads to an on-line reading program [“KindleUnlimited”] that has a monthly fee.) (5) If you are not signed in at the Amazon website, Amazon will ask you to sign in—and then the download will complete automatically. (6) That’s it!  (7) If you don’t already have a Kindle app on your device, you can easily download one. Just go to your usual on-line source for apps and search “Kindle.” Kindle apps are available for all types of devices—phones, tablets, and laptops. NOTE: Amazon runs on California time (Pacific Standard Time), so the giveaway period starts on Feb 26 at 12:01 a.m. California time and it ends on March 2 at 11:59 p.m. California time.

[Przesłano przez: Barbara Sobota-Kuna]