Dear Colleagues,

We still have places available for our Precision Medicine Diagnostics Master's program ( ).

Precision Medicine Diagnostics is a multidisciplinary master's program that makes new laboratory and analytical techniques usable for medical diagnostics. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in topics such as high-throughput technologies, personalized medicine with immunological methods and the use of biomarkers, as well as the validation of the methods used through clinical studies.

The program is designed for bachelor's degree graduates in natural sciences who are interested in a research-focused course of study. The program consists of 3 semesters of study.

This multidisciplinary program offers:

an innovative approach for combining medicine, natural sciences and technology;

excellent career prospects in a wide variety of career pathways;

qualifications for positions of responsibility in hospitals, industry and research institutes;

broad-ranging project collaborations;

state of the art equipment and laboratories on the Schwenningen Campus and in affiliated institutes;

small groups and individualized support.

In the study program you also have the opportunity to work in one of the various research groups and thus actively contribute to current research in the areas of:

Molecular and personalized medicine, diagnostics, stem cell differentiation and toxicology:
Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, patient stratification and personalized medicine:
Organic chemistry:
Protein biochemistry:

Students from the EU can apply via our website till July 15th :

Kind Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Weronika Schary

Academic Staff Data Science

Furtwangen University of Applied Science

Department of Medical & Life Sciences

Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17

78054 VS-Schwenningen